"Yoga isn't about getting to know the postures. It's about getting to know yourself." 


-Gary Kraftsow          

Rissa Teaches Weekly at SukhaLife Yoga Studio...


Monday              Friday             Saturday

12pm                  9am              10:30am

Rissa's background and experience in massage therapy give her unique insight into the body - anatomy, physiology, and dysfunction. She offers classes, workshops, and private yoga sessions so that students/clients/participants feel good after they leave.

It's not about sacrificing the body for the sake of achieving a movement. It's about moving in a healthy way that strengthens and supports the body so that you are free from pain, strain, weakness, or limited range of motion. It is Rissa's philosophy that yoga should be like self-massage: triggering healing in the body's tissues through muscular contraction, range of motion, and breath expansion. It's up to you whether you need "deep tissue" or "relaxation" and at what time. 

Most of all, your yoga practice should be catered to fit your unique needs.

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