Thai massage, also called Thai Yoga Massage, is a form of bodywork distinguished by the unique healing culture of Thailand. It shares commonalities with the ancient traditions of yoga and Ayurveda, and is strongly influenced by the religious tradition of Theraveda Buddhism. 
Traditional Thai massage is received fully-clothed on a futon-like mat on the floor.  The practitioner rocks, compresses, jostles, and stretches the body his/her hands, feet, elbows, and knees. The intention is to reestablish an open flow of energy in the body. Thai massage is a form of assisted meditation.


60 min Focused Thai massage

This is the minimum time required for a decent Thai massage session. Just enough to generally address the body as a whole, with one area of special attention.


90 min Full Thai massage/Initial Session

This is the preferred length for Thai massage with Rissa. There is enough time to address two or three areas more specifically, still with a sense of holism. 


2 hour Thorough Thai massage

Because Thai massage does not feature gliding strokes with lotion or oil like Western table massage, it does not tax the body's immune processes as much and can be received for longer amounts of time. In Thailand it is not uncommon to receive a 5- or 7-hour session! Here in the states, however, a 2-hour session will suffice.


Additional Time or Services

Extra time and additional services will be priced accordingly. Usually, $50 for each additional 30 minutes.

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