What Do Couples Have to Say?

"Overall, I think this is one of the nicest things we've done together... and it's something I wish we'd done years ago!"

-Steve & Linda

“It changed the whole way we approach our relationship and conversations… Thank you for helping our marriage be the best it can be.”

-Kyle & Mel

What Does it Look Like?

What Does it Look Like?

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What Makes this Next Workshop Extra Special and Different?

What do Tasha's Coaching Clients Have to Say?

“I appreciated the concrete tools Tasha provided. In contrast to couple’s therapy, where we would get caught up in unhealthy narratives, we found more productive movement and commitment to the process in a short amount of time.”


“Through coaching, we learned how to become less triggered and reactive with each other, making it possible for us to see, hear, and engage with each other with compassion, curiosity, and resilience.”

“Tasha’s support has made us more resourceful listeners and collaborators in our partnership, as well as in other relationships with family, friends and colleagues.”

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