"It helped me open up and be able to receive" 



"Overall, I think this is one of the nicest things we've done together, and it's something I wish we would have done years ago."  



"[Our session with Rissa] was very enlightening for me on many levels."  


Thai massage is the perfect medium for Couples' Massage Instruction because it is designed to be comfortable and intuitive for both giver and receiver. 

Rissa has been working with couples since 2014, offering group Thai massage workshops, as well as one-on-one (well, one-on-two) services customized to each individual's needs.

Contact Rissa to see if a couples' session could benefit you and your partner!


*All sessions subject to space rental or travel fee

60 min Couples' Massage Instruction

One hour of one-on-one (or rather, one-on-two) massage instruction and guidance catered to your and your partner's needs. This is enough time to address one issue per partner.


90 min Couples' Massage Instruction

90 minutes is recommended as the minimum amount of time to explore Thai massage techniques because we can address two issues per partner.



120 min Couples' Massage Instruction

Two hour Couples' sessions allows us the time to address three or more issues per partner. This session really allows for an immersive experience with one another.


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